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Help Your Library Renovation Reach Its Full Potential

When we found signatures of the original builders inscribed on plaster looking as fresh as the day they were signed, on May 25th 1891, it reminded us: buildings endure, our work today matters. We hope you will join us in helping our library renovation reach its full potential; we hope you will build with us. 

Signatures in Plaster

Ways to Give

Buy a Brick

Buy a Brick

Your purchase supports the library, leaves a lasting legacy, honors a loved one, and will be part of the community for generations to come.

Bricks will be placed on the walkway adjacent to the library entrance; they are available for purchase at $100 apiece.

Make a Donation

Every dollar helps, and no donation is too small. Make your donation here:

Naming Opportunities

A naming opportunity is an ideal way to make an in memoriam donation or cement a family legacy. There are various opportunities available; to inquire about funding a specific item or discuss options, please email Director Caroline MacArthur at or stop by our temporary location in Feather Hill Shopping Center.

How Your Gift Helps

Your Gift Helps Your Library Renovation Reach Its Full Potential

There is excitement in the air as the finish line for our library renovation project is in sight. We are committed to providing the community with a historically beautiful and modern library, and merging history with modern amenities has not been an easy task. Our architect, Vincent Benic, is a preservation expert and we have been fortunate that he has been very active in all the phases of the construction process. Our shared vision is rapidly becoming a reality, thanks to the overwhelming support of our community.

As with projects of this scope, several unexpected issues have been encountered. Remediation was necessary to deal with water intrusion on both the southern and western portion of the library. The parapet wall facing the Main road required extensive repair as well as additional roofing and flashing issues. This unexpected but necessary work ensures the integrity of the library’s remodeled interior.

Your donations will help the library to reach the full potential of the initial design. Every dollar empowers us to create the space you will enjoy tomorrow. There has never been a better time support your library with a donation; it’s truly a once in a generation opportunity.