Field of Dreams

By Southold | News

Missing baseball? So are we. Until we can go to the ballpark, we are sharing some free substitutes to remind you why you love the game so much. Click Here to watch the Ken Burns’ documentary about baseball. This is a rare and great opportunity to see a terrific story told by one of the best documentarians around. "Baseball" originally aired in September 1994. The nine-part series -- divided into "innings," in the spirit of a baseball game -- introduces viewers to baseball and traces the history of the sport from its origins in the 1800s up through the early 1990s.

Other baseball documentaries can be seen on

Some of the books available for download on our website via Live-brary:
  • The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn
  • The Greatest Game Ever Pitched by Jim Kaplan
  • Moneyball by Michael Lewis
  • Infinite Baseball (audio) by Alva Noe
Some of the movies available for viewing on our website via HOOPLA:
  • The Perfect Game
  • The Natural
  • Chasing 3000
  • …. many more, including “how-to” videos

Go to and search “baseball best” to find videos of the greatest moments and the best plays ever of baseball; search “baseball documentary” to find even more to watch.

And you can watch “A League of Their Own” on (once you create an account).