Reading Recommendations

By Southold | Books

Recommend an ebook

Have you learned about a new book but don’t see it in Live-brary?

Recommend that the title be added.  

Go to “My Account” and then click on “Recommendations”.

Things to remember:

  • Live-brary makes titles available according to the publisher release dates
  • The majority of books from major publishers are released on Tuesdays.  The main exception to this is James Patterson, whose books are released on Wednesdays
  • You can recommend one title per every 7 days (e.g. if you recommend on a Wednesday, you will then be able to recommend another title on the following Wednesday)
  • Libby does not have the recommend feature; you need to use Live-brary
  • All recommendations are anonymous

Any questions about using Live-brary or Libby? Send an email to