Help, I’m in a Reading Slump!

By Southold | Books

I’m a huge baseball fan and I faithfully follow and cheer for the New York Mets. As good as they are purported to be this season, there are a few members of the team who are in “batting slumps”.  Jose Reyes, the esteemed Yoenis Cespedes and even the reliable Michael Conforto are all suffering from this debilitating affliction. They aren’t producing the hits needed to help their team. But recently, Jay Bruce “Bruuuuce” has broken his so-called slump and has had some key game-changing hits. So, what’s his secret?  And what does baseball have to do with reading? 

I don’t believe it’s a big secret really; I think Jay Bruce just kept at it, with practice and perseverance.  I’m in a “reading slump” right now. I start a book, read a few pages, then become disinterested, or I fall asleep before I can even comprehend one word.  Sometimes it’s just about not having the compunction to read, like it’s a school assignment or something and who wants to do an assigned reading, really? So, what’s the solution? Everyone is different and there is not one wrong or right way, but I have a few suggestions to help you break out of it in case you’re in a ‘slump’ like me:

  • Set aside time in your day to “just read”
  • Give yourself small, attainable goals: read for 30 min or 30 pages then take a break and treat yourself to a snack or take a walk, or something that’s fun for you.
  • Change up your reading format: download an ebook or audiobook (free through the library) to your computer or any smart device. Sometimes a change in format, makes the read a little more interesting.
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    Create a comfy reading space, inside or out. Now that the weather is warm – there may be a good spot in your own backyard or at a local park or my favorite place, the beach. On rainy days, you can come to the library and read in the quiet area upstairs.
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    Ask the friendly staff at the library for a good recommendation. Perhaps you need someone to help you find that just-right-for-you book.
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    Don’t beat yourself up about NOT reading. It happens to the best of us. The key is to keep at it with practice and perseverance, just like Jay Bruce of the Mets. 

The good news about a reading slump is that it’s usually short-lived. You will be back in the ‘swing’ of things (pun-intended) before you know it and reading voraciously again. When you’re out of your slump, share what worked for you – how did you get out of it and what book was the catalyst? I’ll be sure to do the same…

Happy Reading!